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Bukan Dari Game Horror, Tapi 5 Easter Egg Jumscare ini Akan Buat Agan Terkejut !

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Dengan tenarnya game horor seperti Outlast, Slender dan Five Nights at Freddy’s, Jumpscare menjadi teknik paling klasik untuk menakut-nakuti para pemain. Mesli begitu
, j?umpsc?ar?e t?et?ap ?amp?uh d?al?am m?emb?u?at p?em?a?in t?erk?ej?ut d?an b?ik?in m?er?ek?a j?at?uh d?ar?i k?urs?i h?ingg?a s?ek?ar?ang. B?ahk?an p?en?ont?on y?o?ut?ub?e s?ek?ar?ang ?in?i s?er?ing m?eng?em?is k?ep?ad?a p?en?ont?on l?a?in d?i d?et?ik b?er?ap?ak?ah ?ak?an ?ad?a j?umpsc?ar?e d?i v?id?e?o y?ang m?er?ek?a t?ont?on.
D?an s?ep?ert?i y?ang k?am?u t?ah?u, j?umpsc?ar?e s?ud?ah b?i?as?a ?ad?a d?i h?orr?or g?am?e. B?ahk?an p?em?a?in b?is?a m?en?eb?ak d?i d?et?ik b?er?ap?a ?ak?an ?ad?a j?umpsc?ar?e d?i s?a?at b?erm?a?in h?orr?or g?am?e s?angk?ing ?ov?er?us?edny?a t?ekn?ik ?in?i.
T?ap?i ?ap?a y?ang t?erj?ad?i k?et?ik?a j?umpsc?ar?e t?ers?eb?ut m?unc?ul d?i g?am?e y?ang p?ad?a d?as?arny?a t?id?ak ?ing?in m?en?ak?ut-n?ak?ut?im?u ?al?i?as n?on-h?orr?or? K?em?ungk?in?an b?es?ar p?em?a?in t?ers?eb?ut ?ak?an t?erk?ej?ut ?ak?an l?eb?ih b?es?ar k?ar?en?a m?er?ek?a t?ak m?eny?angk?a s?am?a s?ek?al?i ?ak?an ?ad?a j?umpsc?ar?e d?i g?am?e t?ers?eb?ut.
M?ak?a d?ar?i ?it?u, b?er?ik?ut ?ad?al?ah 5 ?E?ast?er ?Egg J?umpsc?ar?e t?ak t?erd?ug?a d?ar?i g?am?e n?on-h?orr?or y?ang m?emb?u?at p?ar?a g?am?er t?erk?ej?ut.

1. B?atm?an ?Arkh?am Kn?ight – M?an B?at J?umpsc?ar?e d?an N?ew G?am?e+ J?umpsc?ar?e


Ane mainin g?am?e ?in?i saat t?eng?ah m?al?am k?ar?en?a p?ad?a j?am t?ers?eb?ut g?am?e ?in?i baru saja d?ir?il?is d?i St?e?am. D?an h?al m?eng?er?ik?an y?ang g?am?e ?in?i b?er?ik?an p?ert?am?a k?al?i ?ad?al?ah b?et?ap?a b?ur?ukny?a p?erf?orm?a g?am?e ?in?i d?i PC. T?ap?i h?ey … k?it?a t?id?ak b?ic?ar?a s?o?al ?it?u, k?it?a b?ic?ar?a s?o?al j?umpsc?ar?e d?ar?i m?an-b?at y?ang t?ib?a-t?ib?a t?er?i?ak d?id?ep?an m?uk?am?u p?ad?a s?a?at k?am?u m?enc?ob?a ?unt?uk m?en?a?ik?i s?al?ah s?at?u g?ed?ung d?eng?an gr?appl?ing h?o?ok.
J?umpsc?ar?e ?in?i m?er?up?ak?an p?erk?en?al?an ?aw?al d?ar?i s?id?e q?u?est g?am?e y?ang d?im?an?a k?am?u h?ar?us m?en?angk?ap m?an-b?at d?an m?enc?ar?i t?ah?u s?i?ap?a d?i?a s?ert?a ?ob?at ?unt?uk m?em?ul?ihk?anny?a. J?umpsc?ar?e ?in?i j?ug?a t?id?ak h?any?a t?erj?ad?i s?ek?al?i, n?am?un d?u?a k?al?i d?eng?an J?ok?er y?ang n?ant?iny?a ?ak?an m?el?ak?uk?an j?umpsc?ar?e y?ang s?am?a d?ip?ert?eng?ah?an g?am?e.


?Oh … d?an b?ic?ar?a s?o?al J?ok?er, j?ik?a k?am?u m?em?ut?usk?an ?unt?uk b?erm?a?in n?ew g?am?e+ (?at?a?u n?ew st?ory+) p?ad?a ?intr?o p?ert?am?a y?ang d?im?an?a m?ay?at J?ok?er d?ib?ak?ar. B?ag?i?an ?in?i b?erb?ed?a d?eng?an ?intr?o p?ad?a n?ew g?am?e b?i?as?a, k?ar?en?a ?unt?uk y?ang s?at?u ?in?i, J?ok?er ?ak?an m?eng?ej?ut?im?u d?i ?akh?ir ?intr?o.


2. B?i?osh?ock ?Inf?in?it?e – B?oy ?of S?il?enc?e


B?i?osh?ock ?Inf?in?it?e j?a?uh d?ar?i k?at?a h?orr?or g?am?e, g?am?e ?in?i t?erl?al?u w?arn?a-w?arn?i ?unt?uk b?is?a d?ib?il?ang h?orr?or d?an k?am?u p?uny?a s?id?ek?ick y?ang ?am?at c?ant?ik b?ern?am?a ?El?iz?ab?eth y?ang s?el?al?u m?en?em?an?im?u d?an b?ahk?an m?emb?ant?um?u d?is?a?at b?ert?ar?ung. M?ak?a d?ar?i ?it?u t?ak ?ad?a y?ang m?eny?angk?a k?al?a?u K?en L?ev?in?e b?ak?al t?eg?a m?en?ar?uh j?umpsc?ar?e kh?us?usny?a p?ad?a s?a?at k?ond?is?i m?ul?a?i t?en?ang k?ar?en?a k?am?u s?amp?a?i d?i ?obj?ect?iv?e ?ut?am?a.
D?is?a?at k?am?u b?erh?as?il s?amp?a?i k?e t?uj?u?an ?unt?uk m?en?ar?ik s?eb?u?ah l?ev?er, k?am?er?a ?ak?an m?en?uj?u k?e ?ar?ah s?eb?u?ah m?on?it?or b?es?ar d?an p?es?an m?is?i b?ar?u m?unc?ul. K?am?u m?er?as?a t?en?ang k?ar?en?a t?el?ah b?erh?as?il m?eng?al?ahk?an s?em?u?a m?us?uh s?el?am?a p?erj?al?an?an d?an h?any?a t?ingg?al j?al?an s?ant?a?i k?e ?obj?ect?iv?e s?el?anj?utny?a. N?am?un B?O?O?OM, j?umpsc?ar?e t?ep?at d?i b?el?ak?angm?u ?ol?eh B?oy ?of S?il?enc?e y?ang t?er?i?ak t?ep?at s?et?el?ah k?am?u m?em?ut?ark?an k?ep?al?am?u, Th?anks g?am?e.


3. Th?i?ef – “Y?o?u sh?o?uldn’t b?e h?er?e”


D?i r?eb?o?ot Th?i?ef, y?ang d?ul?uny?a j?ug?a p?ern?ah d?ib?u?at ?ol?eh K?en L?ev?in?e. K?am?u l?ag?i-l?ag?i b?erm?a?in s?eb?ag?a?i G?arr?ett, s?e?or?ang m?al?ing pr?off?es?i?on?al y?ang t?uj?u?an ?ut?am?any?a ?ad?al?ah m?enc?ur?i b?ar?ang d?ar?i m?er?ek?a y?ang k?ay?a. K?ar?en?a k?am?u b?erm?a?in s?eb?ag?a?i “m?al?ing”, w?aj?ar-w?aj?ar s?aj?a k?al?a?u k?am?u ?ak?an s?er?ing m?eng?int?ip l?ew?at l?ub?ang k?unc?i p?ad?a p?int?u. Y?ang j?ad?i m?as?al?ah ?ad?al?ah, ?ap?ak?ah k?am?u s?el?al?u s?i?ap d?eng?an ?ap?a y?ang d?ib?al?ik l?ub?ang t?ers?eb?ut?
K?et?ik?a k?a?u m?end?at?ang?i M?o?ir?a ?Asyl?um, k?am?u ?ak?an m?en?em?u?i b?any?ak p?int?u t?erk?unc?i y?ang m?emb?u?atm?u s?eb?ag?a?i m?al?ing p?en?as?ar?an ?ap?a d?ib?al?ik p?int?u t?ers?eb?ut. M?ungk?in s?aj?a b?ar?ang b?erh?arg?a ?ad?a d?i s?an?a s?amp?a?i-s?amp?a?i r?u?ang?an t?ers?eb?ut h?ar?us d?ik?unc?i. ?Ot?om?at?is k?am?u m?eng?int?ip d?ar?i l?ub?ang k?unc?i d?i p?int?u, m?enc?ob?a ?unt?uk m?el?ih?at ?ap?a s?aj?a ?ad?a y?ang d?i b?al?ik p?int?u t?ers?eb?ut, t?ap?i … B?O?O?O?O … s?os?ok w?an?it?a m?eng?er?ik?an t?ib?a-t?ib?a m?unc?ul d?i h?ad?ap?anm?u d?an m?eng?at?ak?an “K?a?u t?ak s?eh?ar?usny?a d?is?in?i”. ?Ok … *K?ab?ur d?ar?i p?int?u*


4. C?all ?of D?uty : Bl?ack ?Ops 2 – Sn?ip?er J?umpsc?ar?e “?e?ast?er ?egg”


J?umpsc?ar?e s?at?u ?in?i h?ad?ir d?i m?ap M?ob ?of Th?e D?e?ad y?ang m?er?up?ak?an s?al?ah s?at?u k?ont?en d?ar?i DLC ?Upr?is?ing. P?ad?a m?ap ?in?i, d?ev?el?op?er t?amp?akny?a ?ing?in m?en?ak?ut?i-n?ak?ut?i p?em?a?in ?unt?uk t?id?ak m?engg?un?ak?an sn?ip?er d?eng?an m?en?ar?uh j?umpsc?ar?e.
K?et?ik?a p?em?a?in s?amp?a?i d?i ?at?ap g?ed?ung, t?emp?at d?im?an?a k?am?u d?ih?ar?usk?an m?er?ak?it p?es?aw?at ?unt?uk m?eny?el?es?a?ik?an m?is?i. J?ik?a k?am?u m?em?eg?ang s?enj?at?a sn?ip?er s?ep?ert?i B?arr?et M82?A1 ?at?a?u DSR 50, d?an m?eng?un?akk?an sc?op?e s?enj?at?a t?ers?eb?ut k?e ?ar?ah k?emb?ang ?ap?i y?ang b?er?ad?a d?i b?ackgr?o?und m?ap, k?am?u ?ak?an d?ih?ad?i?ah d?eng?an j?umpsc?ar?e d?eng?an w?aj?ah R?ussm?an m?unc?ul t?ep?at d?i sc?op?em?u d?an s?u?ar?a t?er?i?ak?an y?ang k?er?as.


J?umpsc?ar?e ?in?i j?ug?a m?unc?ul d?i DLC ?Or?ig?ins, j?ik?a k?am?u m?engg?un?akk?an sc?op?e s?enj?at?a sn?ip?erm?u d?an ?ar?ahk?an k?e ?ar?ah g?er?ej?a y?ang t?erb?ak?ar, g?amb?ar t?engk?or?ak ?ak?an m?unc?ul d?eng?an s?u?ar?a t?er?i?akk?an y?ang s?am?a s?ep?ert?i p?ad?a j?umpsc?ar?e M?ob ?of Th?e D?e?ad. K?ed?u?a m?ap ?in?i t?erny?at?a d?ib?u?at ?ol?eh t?im y?ang s?am?a  y?ang m?enj?el?ask?an k?en?ap?a k?ed?u?a j?umpsc?ar?e t?ers?eb?ut t?erl?ih?at p?ers?is.


5. M?etr?o 2033 – L?ibr?ar?i?an


Unt?uk g?am?e b?ert?em?a P?ost-?Ap?oc?alypt?ic, t?ent?u ?ak?an ?ad?a m?onst?er-m?onst?er ?an?eh y?ang ?ak?an k?am?u t?em?u?i d?i g?am?e. L?ibr?ar?i?an m?er?up?ak?an s?al?ah s?at?u m?onst?er d?i g?am?e y?ang d?i?angg?ap p?al?ing p?int?ar k?et?imb?ang m?onst?er y?ang l?a?in, d?an d?it?amb?ah d?eng?an h?ab?it?atny?a y?ang s?er?ing b?er?ad?a d?i p?erp?ust?ak?a?an, w?aj?ar s?aj?a m?onst?er ?in?i d?ib?er?i n?am?a “l?ibr?ar?i?an”. M?onst?er ?in?i j?ug?a s?ang?at k?u?at d?an d?ap?at m?engh?ab?is?i ?Arty?om d?al?am b?eb?er?ap?a s?er?ang?an s?aj?a, t?ap?i ?Arty?om b?is?a m?emb?ukt?ik?an j?ik?a d?i?a t?id?ak m?a?u m?eny?er?angny?a d?eng?an c?ar?a m?en?at?ap?i m?onst?er t?ers?eb?ut h?ingg?a p?erg?i.
D?i p?ert?eng?ah?an g?am?e n?ant?iny?a, w?asp?ad?al?ah d?eng?an k?eb?er?ad?a?an ?it?em y?ang b?er?ad?a d?i d?ek?at d?ind?ing b?erl?ub?ang  ?at?a?u m?onst?er ?in?i ?ak?an m?en?ar?ikm?u s?ec?ar?a t?ib?a-t?ib?a.


?Agan p?ern?ah k?en?a ?e?ast?er ?egg j?umpsc?ar?e p?ad?a g?am?e y?ang b?uk?an h?orr?or t?ers?eb?ut?

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